Privacy Statement

Version 01.01.2018

About This Notice:  At Broker’s Health, we are committed to respecting and protecting the privacy of our customers.  It is our mission to simplify the group benefits underwriting process and it is our corporate commitment to ensure that your personal information is protected at all times.  This notice describes the personal information that we collect and how we use it and protect it.  Our relationship with you is our most valuable asset and we are committed to earning and keeping your trust.  This notice applies to our current and former customers and replaces any earlier version that we may have given to you.


This section summarizes our privacy practices. For more detail, please read the entire privacy policy.

  • We use your information only to conduct our business and facilitate the group health underwriting and enrollment process for you.
  • We will share your information with your selected agent or broker and the medical carrier underwriters who will be facilitating your group benefits proposal.
  • We will work to protect your information using industry-recognized security safeguards at all times.
  • We will not share your information with other companies for their marketing purposes, period.
  • We limit access to your information and use safeguards to help protect it.
  • You will have access to your account to review and correct your information.

What information do you collect about me?

Initially, basic “Nonpublic Personal Information’ including your name, date of birth, zip code and e-mail address are provided to us by your employer or insurance broker and filled out through the Broker’s Health Employee Census form.  We use this information to send you an invitation via e-mail to log onto the secure site to complete and/or update your health information on our universal health application.  By completing the Broker’s Health Exchange Health Application, we collect your Personal Health Information (PHI) in order to assist in the group health benefits underwriting and enrollment process.  We have access to a collection of current health insurance carrier health applications and have created a unique data mapping process that allows us to securely data map your responses from our universal health application to multiple carrier applications.

Who might get information about me from you?

We will share information about you only as permitted by law. We will not share your Nonpublic Personal Information with other companies for their marketing purposes without your consent. We do not sell or rent your information at any time. There is no need to “opt out” or tell us not to do this.

The Personal Health Information that you provide as part of the universal health application remains secure and private at all times.  Only you, your broker and the medical carrier underwriters will have access to this information.  Your employer, HR personnel or any other party will not have access to this information at any time.

How do you protect my information?

We restrict access to your Nonpublic Personal Information and Personal Health Information to our employees, your group health benefits broker and the carrier underwriters who will be reviewing this data for group underwriting / quoting purposes. We protect the confidentiality of your information through the use of industry-recognized safeguards, coupled with detailed internal security procedures. The use of this information is limited by law, our employee code of conduct, and written agreements where appropriate.  In addition, our employees are trained to maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards to protect your information.

Why do you need my Social Security number?

Social Security Numbers (SSNs) are a highly confidential part of your Personal Health Information and we are committed to ensuring that this information is used properly and stored securely.

All medical carriers currently require SSNs to write a new group medical insurance policy.  With Broker’s Health Exchange, you now have a way to bypass the hassles of preliminary rate quoting straight for firm rate quotes upfront.  Since many medical carriers require SSNs to provide firm rate proposals, Broker’s Health Exchange requires this information as part of the universal health application process.  Having SSNs initially allows us to provide you with medically underwritten rates up front and also streamlines the enrollment process for your new group medical policy.

Social Security numbers are stored securely with the rest of your Personal Health Information at all times.  Our servers are secure and accessible only by authorized personnel.

How can I review and correct information you have about me?

To set up your account with Broker’s Health Exchange, you will be required to log into your secure account and provide your Nonpublic Personal Information and Personal Health Information to participate in this underwriting and enrollment platform.  Since your account is unique and secure, you will be able to log in using your username / password at any point during the benefits year to view the information that is currently archived in your Broker’s Health Exchange account.

Upon renewal season, we will invite you to log back into your account to update any Nonpublic Personal Information that may have changed in the previous year.  We also will require you to review and make any updates to the Personal Health Information that was previously submitted so that this information is current and applicable for this year’s underwriting process.

Is there additional information for Web site visitors?

Yes. When you visit our Web site, we use the information we collect to provide services to you. We use Web Site Information to help understand what you want so that we can enhance your online experience. For example, if you start the health application using the Broker’s Health Web site, but decide to finish it later, we will save your information so you can pick up where you left off. We also use Web site Information to analyze use of our Web sites. Information that does not identify you, or that you give us for contests and surveys, may be used for marketing purposes.

Why do you need my e-mail address?

In order to provide you with access to our secure universal health application and online enrollment platform, we collect your e-mail address as part of our Employee Census that your broker submits to us initially.   We then send you an e-mail invitation to log onto your account in order to complete the application and enrollment process.  Since your Personal Health Information is archived through Broker’s Health Exchange year to year, for next year’s renewal, you will receive an e-mail from us inviting you to log back into your account and update your information.   Our goal is to make the employee’s life easier through this process and we will only contact you via e-mail when it is essential to facilitate the group underwriting and enrollment process.

To ensure you get our e-mails, our service provider or we may receive confirmations when you open them or click through e-mail links. These confirmations may also show whether your e-mail application supports graphics, so we can tailor our messages to you.

What about Web site security?

Our security measures help ensure that your data is secured and encrypted, so that others cannot access it while in transit. We limit access to our servers and require our employees to adhere to high standards of ethics and integrity in performing their jobs.

We use a secure server and security protocol to safeguard information you provide during the health application process. Our secure server uses a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to interact with you when you provide personal information during the purchase process. We handle your information via 128-Bit encryption. Every secure page on our Web site has a digital certificate by RSA Data Security/Secure Server CA. This is shown via the site certificate that resides on all secure pages. To view it, click on the image of the “closed lock” or the “solid key” on the bottom of your browser window. A small frame displaying security information will appear. Click on “subject” to verify that you are on our site. Click on “Issuer” to verify the site certification authority.

What does the technical jargon mean?

  • Digital certificate:  A small file that can be transferred to your computer and used for authentication. Once installed, it can be automatically used as needed.
  • Internet protocol (IP) address:  A string of numbers that are translated into a domain name.
  • Operating system:  The program responsible for overseeing the basic hardware resources of a computer. UNIX, DOS, Windows, and Macintosh System 7 are examples of operating systems.
  • Secure server:  A computer system set up to provide privacy, integrity, and authentication in communications. (See SSL).
  • Security protocol:  A specification that describes how computers will talk securely to each other on a computer network.
  • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL):  A protocol that delivers server authentication, data encryption, and message integrity. SSL encrypts Internet communications.
  • Session ID:  The code used to keep track of a person as they interact with a server.
  • Site certificate:  This is the same as a digital certificate, but it is used on the server rather than at the browser.
  • 128-bit encryption:  A way of making data unreadable to everyone except the receiver. It is a common way of sending credit card numbers and data over the Internet. It is used by SSL.

I have other privacy-related questions. How can I contact you?

If you have other privacy-related questions that are not detailed in our privacy policy, please contact us at:

Broker’s Health Exchange, LLC
345 N. Riverview, Suite 600
Wichita, KS 67203
Phone: (316) 616-6130 | Fax: (316) 616-6161