How it Works

Employer Information and Setup

The employer account setup process is the initial step required to facilitate the quoting and underwriting process through Broker’s Health Exchange.  During this setup process, the employer will provide general company information, an accurate employee census, employee e-mail addresses and confirm the target carriers for firm rate proposals.  Upon the completion of the employer setup, each employer will receive a username / password that allows special access to their account to monitor the application and enrollment process.  Invitation links will be sent to all eligible employees to enable secure access to the universal health application.  Each employee will be required to confidentially verify his or her health information via electronic signature.

Group Support

Throughout the underwriting process the agent and employer can easily monitor application status to confirm which employees have not completed their health application. Broker’s Health Exchange sales support representatives are also available to provide guidance and assistance to employers, agents, and employees as needed.  For HIPAA compliance purposes, employers and HR representatives are not allowed access to employee personal health information (PHI).

Quote Submission

Once all eligible employee applications have been completed, Broker’s Health Exchange will complete the digital data mapping to carrier-specific application forms.  The grouping of completed health applications is then sent directly to the pre-selected carrier to receive a firm rate group health proposal.  All carrier proposals received will be forwarded to the presenting agency for review and analysis by the employer and agent.


Broker’s Health Exchange makes the renewal process easy.  At renewal time each employee is instructed to log on and review / update his or her archived application.  Upon review, revision, and the confirmation of a new electronic signature, the employee application is now ready to submit again to the selected carrier(s).  Renewal quotes and proposals for the new benefit year are then forwarded to the presenting agency for review by the renewing group.